ReviewBuzz has pushed my career to a whole new level. Customers now call up and ask for me by name.

Troy Brigham, Residential Technician
Campbell & Company
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ReviewBuzz has absolutely helped our Google ranking. They love us because of all our positive Google reviews.

Jim Steinle, Owner
Atomic Plumbing
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Before ReviewBuzz, we’d have a handful of reviews at best on any given site, and now we’re getting reviews every day.

Nate Minnich, Mktg. Mgr.
Ben Franklin Plumbing
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How It Works
  • Employees ask for reviews in person, or automatically via SMS or email

  • Customers write reviews, which are tracked to your employees

  • Employees awarded points and prizes for earning reviews

  • You see your team's reviews in one place, and know exactly how your team is performing

  • Your team's customer service improves and everyone wins! You, your employee and your customer!

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