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How Online Reviews Inspire Great Service And More Sales

If you’re struggling to keep your service team motivated about delivering a great customer experience and earning more sales, then watch this video.

The video is an interview with ReviewBuzz Founder Mike Montano and Troy Brigham, a service technician from Campbell & Company in Pasco, WA.

Watch and you’ll see how online reviews (on sites like Yelp, Google, Facebook, etc.) inspired Troy to deliver a great customer experience, which ultimately led to him getting more service calls – and more sales.


The bottom line message from Troy to other service pros is this: “the more reviews you get, the more money you will make.”

So if you want a more engaged, excited and motivated service team that provides a remarkable customer experience….then watch this video and start applying these concepts in your business today.

Have a great day and…Be Remarkable!

The Team at ReviewBuzz


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How to Add A Business To Apple Maps

applemaps_anytymeMost of us are familiar with using Google maps to get directions and find local businesses, right?

Google maps are everywhere – and used by millions of people everyday…

…and they are critical for the online marketing success of local business owners.

(If you have a local business and you don’t have a Google listing, set up or claim your Google My Business listing here.)

Now, Apple has launched business listings on its Apple maps application, and you can now add a business to Apple Maps.



Why you should add a business on Apple Maps now?

Millions of people use iPhones, and by extensions Apple Maps to find and review local businesses, so you need to get on this now. Apple maps is especially useful if you don’t yet have a mobile friendly website.

Because we love you and want you to be successful, we created a how-to document that shows you exactly how to add your business to Apple Maps (you can download the PDF file here).

Important Note:

Apple pulls in photos, address and online reviews from Yelp, so it’s now even more important that you have a great looking Yelp page that is fully updated and has lots of great online reviews.

Shameless plug alert….

If you want help getting more great 5-Star online reviews on Yelp, request a free trial of ReviewBuzz and we’ll help you get there.

Okay. That’s it.

Go and add or update your Apple Maps listing now!

Be Remarkable!

The Team at ReviewBuzz