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Online Review System To Help You Look Better Online
Earn More Reviews & Track Them In One PlaceYou get an online SaaS-based system to help you and your team earn more online reviews. You can see and track how many customer reviews you have on sites like Google, Facebook, BBB and more. PLUS, you’ll know exactly which of your employees have earned online reviews and their average star rating.
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Increase Calls From Your WebsiteThe trust builder widget displays all your reviews from across the web right on your website. It’s proven to increase the number calls you get from your website visitors. Use one of our pre-built widgets, or get one custom-branded to fit the design of your website.
Get More 5-Star Reviews & Customer FeedbackYou also get our easy-to-use website where your customers will go to write glowing 5-Star online reviews and surveys of your employees on sites like BBB, Google, Facebook and many, many more.
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Get Seen By More CustomersThis unique custom-branded web page displays all your reviews in one place, expands your presence on local search results pages, increases your visibility – and the number of calls you get.
Build Pre-Sale Trust With Your CustomersEach of your employees gets a personal online review portfolio that builds pre-sale trust with your customers, and helps your team close more sales. These pages also expand your presence on local search results pages, and increase the calls you get.
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Win Reviews Instantly with SMSOur mobile SMS dashboard makes it easy for your team to text a review request immediately after the service and direct your customer to the review site of your choosing, giving you the ultimate control of your online reputation.
Earn More Reviews – EasilyCustom business cards that make it easy for your employees to ask for reviews – and easy for your customers to write reviews. Your team will use these to ask for reviews after they’ve done a great job. You can even have them printed with traditional business card info on the back.

Follow-up Emails
A hands-free way to get more 5-Star
reviews. Didn’t get a review from a
customer? These automated follow-up
emails ensure none of your
customers miss writing a reviews.

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Share The Buzz On Social
Facebook & Twitter integration let’s you broadcast your reviews across the social sphere with a simple click of a button.

Review of the Week
Choose your favorite review for the
week, click a button and a instantly
share the review on your
Facebook and Twitter pages.

Always Know How Your Team Is Doing
Done-for-you reporting gives you a
summary report of all your reviews, or
individual employee reports, so you
always know how you and your team are
doing you with reviews. On-demand, or
automated and emailed to your inbox
each week.

Turn Negative
Reviews Into Positives

You’ll be emailed instantly when your
team gets a negative review so you can
respond quickly to the review and
ensure your customer is fully satisfied.
Plus we’ll give you tips and tricks
on how to turn that negative review
into a positive one.

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Customer Survey System To Help You Increase Customer Satisfaction
Know Exactly How Everyone On Your Team Is DoingA six-question online customer survey that gives you full visibility into how your team is performing on the phone and in the field – and all surveys are tied to individual employees. You’ll always know exactly how your customers feel about your employees and your company.
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Measure Customer
Satisfaction at A Glance
The world-renowned and industry leading
Net Promoter Score® customer satisfaction
index is rolled into each survey report so
you can measure customer satisfaction at
a glance. You’ll be able to diagnose the
health of your business and take action to
train employees and improve customer service.

Instantly Respond To
Unhappy Customers
You’ll know when your team has received a survey, and you’ll see the survey results immediately, so you can instantly respond to unhappy customers – or recognize employees for a job well done.

Quickly Diagnose Problems
& Celebrate Excellence
Automated survey reports let you see exactly where your team is succeeding and where they need to improve, straight from your customers mouth. Delivered weekly, or on-demand whenever you want. All surveys are tied to employees so you can quickly diagnose problems & celebrate service excellence.
Plus! A Hands-Free Way To Get More ReferralsLike Referrals? Who doesn’t? ReviewBuzz identifies your most satisfied customers, and automatically delivers referral requests to them as soon as they rate your company highly. Imagine…more referrals, more customers and more money in your pocket – without ever having to lift a finger. Woo hoo!
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A One-Of-A-Kind Employee Fun & Happiness Program
This is the key to helping get your team motivated and excited about getting online reviews, improving their service and making your company look better. Here’s how it works: your employee gets a customer review or survey. The ReviewBuzz system then automatically awards points to that employee. When that employee earns enough points, they can choose a prize, which you award to them at the next company meeting. This allows you to publicly celebrate and recognize great performance, which gets your team more motivated and more excited about doing a great job and asking for more reviews.


Points System
Points awarded & tallied when employees earn reviews and surveys

Rewards & Points
You can choose your own prizes, how many points each employee gets for earning reviews and surveys – and how many points it takes to
earn each prize.

“My Reviews”
Employee Dashboard
Employees can log in and see and track their own points and rewards, plus they can see all the reviews and surveys they’ve earned.
5-Star Support & Training To Help You Get Results FastWe’re here to help you get results. FAST. And we’re here to help every step of the way. Our Fast-Track Get-It-Done-Quickly-and-Easily Training, gets your team set up and earning 5-star reviews quickly. Got questions? Need help? Our team is responsive and ready to help via live online chat, email or phone. Want more? We also have live webinars, on-demand video training, FAQs and a robust knowledge base to help your team get answers quickly.
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